Latex or memory? Which mattress to choose?

Latex or memory? It is a doubt that all those who want to change the mattress are asked. Here is a simple guide to choosing the best one based on your needs.

Here we are, it’s time to get rid of your old mattress but at this point, you have a doubt: better latex or memory mattress? If you are undecided and want a complete answer and help you understand how to choose the right mattress for your rest, here’s what to know before buying.

The difference between latex and memory foam:

To resolve this doubt so often it is important to first understand what the difference is between a latex mattress and an in-memory mattress. The first is made using a completely natural material, latex, made from rubber trees. Foamed through high-pressure air jets, the final product is tough, non-deformable but at the same time welcoming. It is, in fact, one of the best mattresses on the market.

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Latex or memory? Which mattress to choose?

Many undecided users ask us: better latex or memory? In reality, to think that there is a better mattress than the other is wrong, they are two very valid supports, but at the same time extremely different.

The latex mattress is indicated for those who, during sleep, often move because they quickly recover the deformation due to our weight. The memory foam, on the other hand, is indicated for those seeking comfort and wants to rest on cozy support that perfectly molds to its back.

Many users tell us they are not sure because they are afraid of suffering back pain for the new mattress. It often happens that it takes a few days before our body adapts to the new support, especially if we were used to a “very lived” and therefore very deformed mattress. For those who generally suffer from back pain, shoulder pain or posture problems, we recommend a memory mattress, due to its ability to adapt to our weight.

In the case of cervical problems, however, we recommend combining the purchase of a good memory pillow, they are cheap but the benefits are extraordinary!