What is a box spring mattress?

Box spring mattresses are becoming increasingly popular, but since the name is not protected, a wide variety of mattresses are shown on the Internet as a box spring mattress. The list goes from box spring mattresses used for box spring beds to box spring mattresses that mimic the comfort of a box spring bed.

Box spring mattress – how is it structured?

Box spring mattresses are mattresses that in themselves already offer the sleeping comfort of a complete box spring bed. This is possible because box spring mattresses usually offer thick foam padding as a mattress surface, which mimics the topper of a box spring bed. In addition, there are box spring mattresses that have not just one, but two spring cores on top of each other, the lower spring core imitating the comfort of a spring box.

Where do box spring mattresses come from?

Box spring mattresses are used as a super comfortable mattress variant for box spring beds or beds with slatted frames. Due to the high flying comfort, which offers a box spring mattress, a spring suspension is not absolutely necessary. Likewise, not necessarily a topper on the box spring mattress.

Due to their high comfort and the good lying properties, box spring mattresses are often used as a replacement mattress to swap the mattresses in an older box spring bed.

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Box spring mattresses in the box spring world

Box spring mattresses come in many variations in the Box spring world. For example, the one Box spring mattress offers many options for individually adjusting the sleeping comfort to your own needs. You have the choice between 3 degrees of hardness for each weight as well as three different forms for every feeling from harder to softer.

Box spring mattresses ideal for overweight

The box spring mattresses air flex and air soft offer even more comfort, because of the air-circulating layer of latex horsehair and the holes in the foam edge are also ideal for people who sweat in bed rather sweat. Especially the box spring mattress air flex is due to the high load capacity also suitable for people with overweight.